Upgrade Your Eastwood Blast Cabinet

The Eastwood Foot Pedal Attachment Saves Hand Fatigue and Lasts Longer!

A blast cabinet functions in a pretty simple manner. It uses a pickup tube to suck abrasive media up to the nozzle of the blast gun and mix with compressed air to propel the media at an item to remove coatings or corrosion off the surface. For many years our blaster used an in-cabinet gun that required you to pull a trigger and the entire “business end” was inside the cabinet. We’ve now found a better solution that our new cabinets come with and you can retro-fit your old blast cabinets with.

Eastwood Blast Cabinet Foot Pedal and Gun kit is designed to replace the standard trigger operated blast gun.

  • Eliminates hand fatigue
  • Gives more precise media flow
  • Replaces trigger operated guns
  • Includes High-Volume Blast Gun

The Foot Pedal eliminates hand fatigue and adds more precise control to the blast media flow. This kit enable you to blast for longer periods of time without having to take breaks due to hand fatigue.

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