Ultimate around the house welder. Eastwood MIG 135

Eastwood MIG 135 Welder       Eastwood MIG 135 Welder

The Eastwood MIG 135 is the best all around MIG welder for the garage, home, and even farm.  Built around a 110 volt platform ensures you’ll easily be able to find an outlet to plug this welder into.  Don’t let the small size fool you though as this unit can run both solid core wire for super clean indoor welding or up to .035 flux core wire to burn into thicker metals or for outdoor welding.  I keep one in my garage as my go to for repairs on just about anything.

You’ll find everything you need to get up and welding, except the gas bottle, all included in the box  as you unpack.  We’ve even thrown in a 2 LB spool of .023 wire for MIG welding with shielding gas.  With the included wire you’ll find the MIG 135 right at home with light sheet metal repairs, or thinner metals such as household hinges and such, but throw some thicker wire or even some .035 flux wire to find this machine can lay down welds on metals as thick as 1/4.   Run up to an 11 pound spool of wire to keep from having to change out the wire as often. This is extremely helpful if you weld the same thickness metals all day long.  The 8 ft torch and ground clamp allows you to maneuver all around the welding project easily.

MIG Spool Gun Metal Connector

Don’t want to weld just steel and stainless steel?  You’re in luck as our MIG 135 can also run an optional spool gun.  By switching your shielding gas to a bottle of 100% argon you can now tackle aluminum from 14 gauge up to 1/8th. The 9 ft spool gun lead allows you to get to all the spots you need to weld easily.  Think of the possibility of building things from light weight aluminum such as a dirt bike stand.  We have had customers build items such as aluminum racking, boats, etc.

The MIG 135 features infinitely adjustable welding amperage and wire speed settings. You’ve probably seen “other” welders with nothing more than a high/low amperage switch.  Problem with these are getting the heat dialed in correctly, you wind up with the weld either being too cold for the part you’re welding or it just burns right through.  We even have a quick settings chart located right in the wire feed door for easy reference.  Want to see what the settings are like on this machine?  Click here for the same chart you’ll find in the door of the unit.


Keeping your MIG 135 running at its best is easy with our Consumable kit.  We have packaged all the popular contact tip sizes along with 2 outer nozzles in one convenient kit.  Easily switch between wire sizes as you change up the metal you’re welding with this kit.  If you need consumables in a pinch you can also find them locally as we use a Tweco style torch on our MIG 135.

We hope this helps you pick out your next welder for the garage, home, or farm.  We also have plenty of other welding accessories which can be found at Eastwood.com.

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