Turbine Paint Gun Q&A

With the rising interest in Turbine paint gun systems we’ve decided to put together our top questions and answers about Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun Systems. Read Below to learn more.

Q: Do I need an Air Compressor To Run a Turbine Paint Gun?

A: The beauty of a turbine paint gun system is that they’re small, self-contained and easily portable spray guns. The compressor itself is built into the turbine gun housing and all you need are a power source to run the turbine blower motor. Most turbine gun systems plug right into a standard 120V power outlet and require little amperage to run.

Q: How does a Turbine Gun Create Pressure?

A: A turbine paint gun system uses a turbine to draw air from outside into the system and pressurize the air to atomize the paint out of the paint gun. Most HVLP turbine paint guns run at around 9.5-10 PSI.

Q: Does a Turbine Paint Gun Create a Lot of Oil and Moisture?

A: A turbine system draws air from outside the system and draws it through the turbine. Most of the moisture is dried out through the heat created when compressing the air in the turbine. Also a turbine system does not use oil in it so there are very little chances of contaminates in your air like a traditional air compressor driven paint gun.

Q: What Needle and Nozzle Combination Should I Use?

A: For standard base coats, clear coats, enamels, single stage urethanes, and other similar automotive paints the included .8mm tip kit for your Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun is perfect for spraying with little overspray. You can easily adjust the fan pattern to adapt to your materials used and your technique. If you want additional flow you can easily upgrade to a 1.0 tip if desired. For thicker materials like primers you may want to upgrade to a 1.3-1.4mm tip kit to allow for better flow out of the tip. As a rule we suggest running your tip size on the smaller size for base coats and clear coats to reduce over spray, dry spray, and sags in the coating.

So there you have it, the most common questions we receive about Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun Systems. If you want to shop our entire line of DIY and Professional Turbine Paint Gun Systems you can visit our site HERE.

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