Top Ways to Get More out of Your Folding Work Stand

A folding work stand or “fender stand” has been a staple in most garages and auto body shops since they’ve been invented. These stands are highly adjustable and allow you to support large or bulky items and put them at a comfortable work height. When not in use they fold up fairly flat and can be stored easily. These stands can hold a lot of items, but we’ve recently found some accessories that will make your life much easier. Read below as I list our favorite fender stand accessories.


  1. Fender Stand Tool Tray– Most times when you’re working with a panel on a folding work stand you’ll have a bunch of tools out at once and it never fails they all end up on the floor or on your work piece. This accessory tool tray clips in over the side chains on your fender stand and can hold tools as well as autobody supplies like sandpaper, spreaders, sanding blocks, etc. I like to put one on each side with supplies on one side and tools on the other to stay organized during a job.
  2. Work Stand Extension Bar– When you want to put large parts on a work stand that part can sometimes be precariously resting on the stand and is easy to knock off. We’ve developed an extension bar that will fit most any folding work or fender stand and extends out past both ends of the stand to allow you to spread the load of the part out and keep it supported better. Use this for large car hoods and doors, bumpers, deck lids, and other parts that might be difficult to hold.
  3. Welding Table Top– Small home shops can force you to repurpose things for multiple jobs in your shop. We’ve been there and know that space is always at a premium. We decided to develop a welding table top add-on for your work stands so that you can quickly flip up the table and have a strong work surface you can weld on top of. We reach for this when we want to weld parts near the car or the job rather than walking across the shop to our fixed welding table.
  4. Plasma Cutting Table Top- A plasma table is such a valuable thing to have once you have a plasma cutter. This accessory top can clip onto your folding work stand like the welding top and allow you the option to quickly convert the stand to a plasma table. The replaceable slats allow you to make cuts in metal without wrecking your welding table or cutting off the side of a bench. The top adds a little weight to your fender stand but the stand can still fold up flat and takes up the same space as before!


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