Top Tool Gifts For 2019

With the weather getting cooler we’re looking to the season of gift giving and as usual Eastwood has the best tools, coatings, and automotive supplies any gear head would be happy to get under their tree this year! We’re going to start off with listing our top 5 Automotive Tools to give for this holiday.

  1. Painless Dent Repair- Nothing can ruin your day more than a parking lot dent or door ding. Save money and repair your own dents with the easy-to-use Eastwood Painless Dent Repair Kit. This kit comes with everything you need to get started.
  2. Electric Angle Grinder- A 4.5″ Angle Grinder is a must for most any home garage and with the change of abrasives you can go from cutting to grinding to paint stripping. The Eastwood Electric Angle Grinder is an affordable option that allows you to get more done with one tool!
  3. Metal Saw Horses- Saw Horses aren’t a new thing but if you want to put some REAL weight on these stands than you need at least a pair of the Eastwood 1500lb capacity Metal Saw Horses. These are height adjustable and flat for easy storage. These are go to stands for setting up large and heavy projects!
  4. Digital Tire Pressure Gauge and Inflator– This is one of the best combinations of items since ranch Doritos! Check your tire pressure with the digital pressure gauge and inflate your tires all in one tool. Buy one of these for the tool box and the trunk of your vehicle!
  5. Brake Caliper Piston Retractor- With modern vehicles being more and more difficult to work on it can be more expensive to have a shop do regular maintenance like brake pads on your daily driver. The Fairmount Caliper Piston Retractor kit you can replace pads and rotors on most any modern vehicle with little effort. The best part is the kit will work on most all brands vehicles!

We have hundreds of hand picked gift ideas on our gift guide this year. Make sure you check it out weekly as we’re always adding new items right up to the holidays!

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