Top Tips for Winterizing Your Car

Winterizing your car can be a simple task that will be a time saver in the spring when you’re ready to cruise again. We decided to give our top tips you should do at a minimum.

  1. Dryer Sheets- It’s a little known fact that small critters don’t like perfumes or odors we consider appealing! Go to your grocery store and find the most pungent dryer sheets you can and insert them around the wheel openings, in the engine bay, in the glove box and anywhere where mice or other critters may sit and make nests over the winter. The smell will keep them away and it will also keep your car from smelling musty from sitting for a winter without being driven.
  2. Steel Wool- Stuff Steel wool in your tailpipes to keep critters from making their way into the exhaust or worse; the engine. Mice and other critters can still chew through dryer sheets or rags but they won’t chew through steel wool. Any will do just be sure to pack it in the end of the tailpipes tightly.
  3. Battery Maintainer- Batteries that sit idle for long periods of time can slowly drain or die and cause a headache when you go to start your collector car in the spring. Be sure to connect a battery maintainer to the car over the winter and let it slowly charge and maintain the battery in your vehicle. This leaves it fresh and ready to fire for your first cruise!

Now these are our most crucial tips for winterizing your car for this year but you may decide to do more than this. No matter how many you do make sure you leave a check list for yourself inside the car so when you get in it for the first time in the spring you can be reminded what things you need to undo before the first start and drive. Find all of our vehicle maintenance and auto tools HERE.

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