Top MIG Welding Accessories for a Beginner

If you’re a beginner or got your first MIG welder you’re going to need a few different accessories to get you welding safely and help you get the job done right. Now that you’ve got yourself a MIG welder let’s go over some of the items you’ll need.

  1. Auto-Dimming Welding Helmet An auto-dimming helmet allows you to look through the lens as you prepare to weld rather than having to flip it down right before you strike an arc. If you’re budget allows we suggest getting the largest size lens helmet you can. The large lenses are nice because you can see what you’re doing even in tight areas. All Eastwood auto-dimming welding helmets feature true color technology that allows you to work with improved clarity and see your weld puddle better than standard helmets.


  1. Welding Gloves You’re also going to want a nice comfortable set of gloves to protect your hands. We offer a few styles and thicknesses. If you’re doing a lot of continuous welding especially, on heavier metal you’ll probably want a thicker pair because there will likely be more heat.

  1. Welding CartA good welding cart is a must. It will not only hold your welder and supplies, but it will also safely secure the gas bottle. We offer a few styles of carts that will hold a welder and plasma cutter or even a pro Welding cart that will hold two welders and two gas bottles which is great if you have a MIG and TIG welder.


  1. Consumables Kit Keeping a consumable kit on hand is going to save you hassle as it always seems that you need to replace you tips or nozzles at the worst time. Most welding supply stores aren’t open in the evening or weekends when most DIY welders are working. It’s also nice to have a couple spools of welding wire in different sizes on the cart depending on the thickness of metal you’re welding.


  1. MIG Pliers This is probably one of the underrated tools on your cart. They aren’t just for cutting the wire to the exact stick out length, but also for removing the nozzle and tips when they need to be replaced. These will be one of your most reached for tools on the cart.

  1. Welding BlanketKeep sparks and grinding debris off of flammable items, paint, and glass. A welding blanket will protect areas when you’re working and you can also use them on plasma cutting.


  1. MIG Light Even the best shop lighting isn’t adequate for welding in tight spaces in your project vehicle. A MIG light is great for dark areas or if you’re under a car where it’s tough to see and get good light. The light clips just behind the nozzle on your welding torch and rotates to aim the bright LED light exactly where you need light when welding.

  1. Helmet Bag and Welder Cover– A clean shop and clean tools helps make your work cleaner. Protecting your welding helmet and MIG welder will keep your supplies clean from dust and debris in your shop. If your shop does double duty and you do a lot grinding, painting, powder coating, or bodywork like sanding filler you need these.


We hope this short list of MIG welding accessories for beginners helps you get outfitted for a lifetime of welding success.


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