Top Essential Air Tools For A Beginner

Must Have Pneumatic Tools You Need

Pneumatic tools are a great thing. You can use a single air feed to run many different tools and they can help you complete everything from disassembling a car, mechanical repairs, assembly, and more! Getting into the world of air tools doesn’t mean you need to take out a second mortgage and we decided to put together our favorites below.

  1. Cut-Off Grinder- Cutting metal thick and thin is something that air tools do well. If you’re just starting out a good pneumatic cut-off grinder is a must. The abrasive cutting wheels come in different thicknesses and diameters and allow you to cut all types of metal. Make sure that you buy an extra pack of cutting wheels as they can wear down fast when doing heavy cutting.
  2. Impact Wrench- Whether you’re a weekend warrior rotating your own tires and changing you oil or a restoration expert you will benefit from owning a good impact wrench. These impact guns use the force of pneumatic pressure with an internal weight or hammer to vibrate and spin nuts loose and also tighten them effectively. This all happens with the push of a button and is probably our most-used air tool. Make sure you add a set of Impact Sockets to your toolbox at the same time to safely remove hardware with your impact gun.
  3. Air Hammer and Chisel- Life doesn’t always go as planned and neither does repairing or restoring cars. This means sometimes you need to remove or loosen hardware and parts with force. An air chisel has removable bits that allow you to do everything from cut metal to vibrate things loose. We suggest keeping one of these in the tool box as even a simple task like doing brakes on your daily driver could call for an air chisel.
  4. Die Grinder- The main thing about these tools we’re listing is that they’re very universal and can complete a lot of jobs. A die grinder spins at a high rate of speed and allows you to attach bits that can do many things. You can install carbide burrs for grinding or removing metal, an arbor for attaching sandpaper, or even a wire wheel for cleaning metal. Once you get a good die grinder you can round out your tool box with arbors that will complete all the tasks you need.
  5. Air Drill- A good drill is necessary in any garage. A pneumatic drill is nice because they tend to be smaller in size and can quickly drill holes of many sizes. We suggest picking a drill that has a keyed chuck so you can tighten bits effectively.
  6. Belt Sander- Sanding in tight areas can be very difficult to do and one of the most unique air tools on our list is a mini belt sander. These belt sanders allow you to remove paint, sand welds, and clean metal in tight areas a DA sander couldn’t fit. Make sure you get an extra bag of sanding belts as they can wear quickly on rough surfaces.

That’s our quick list of a diverse spread of air tools that can help anyone looking to expand their tool collection in their garage. You can buy any of the tools above in the links attached or you can save money buying our Air Tool Essential Starter Kit.

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