Top 5 Uses for a Rolling Shop Tray

The Eastwood Rolling Shop Tray is a great addition to any workshop, garage, or weekend warriors man cave. With the ability to roll heavy items to the job and hold items at a convenient height you’ll wonder how you lived without one! Check our Top 5 Uses for the rolling shop cart below.

  1. Roll Heavy Items to the Job- With this cart you can put parts, tools, or supplies on the cart up to 100 pounds and roll them to the job. This means you can load up the cart with the tools, parts, and supplies you need for a job and save trips back and forth to the toolbox. Make sure you adjust the height of the tray to your desired work height before you load it with weight.
  2. Large Work Surface- With the large tray on the cart you can actually hang it over an engine bay, in an interior or slide it under a vehicle to easily access it without leaving your spot. The tray comes with a rubber non-slip mat that will keep items planted while you grab them off the tray.
  3. Smooth Locking Casters- The casters make it easy to move the cart across the shop but you can also lock the wheels so you don’t have to worry about it rolling away as your trying to reach for supplies off the cart.
  4. Pivoting Tray- The pivoting tray on the rolling shop tray allows you to turn it sideways so that you can stow it away so it takes up very little floor space in your shop. The tray can also be slightly tilted for a more convenient angle when reaching for tools during a job.
  5. Keep Everything Close By- With the rolling shop tray you can put all of your tools, parts, and supplies in one spot and roll it around to each spot you’re working on. This is great for maintenance jobs where you need to move to each corner or end of the vehicle.

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