Top 5 Reasons to use a TIG Gas Lens Kit

One of the best ways to step up your TIG welds is to upgrade to a TIG Gas Lens Kit. A Gas Lens is used to get better gas coverage and more efficient flow of your shielding gas. But what’s the bottom line to why you need a Gas Lens Kit for your TIG welder?

  1. Tungsten Stick Out- One benefit to using a Gas Lens kit is that you’re able to stick your tungsten out further for better visibility and the ability to get into tight areas easier. By turning the gas flow up you can extend your tungsten 2-3 times further than a standard gas collet/body.
  2. Better Gas Coverage- Heat when welding can cause impurities to pull in around a weld. By using a gas lens you will get a larger gas coverage area that will keep the weld perimeter from getting impurities pulled in from the heat.
  3. Save Gas- Because a gas lens kit is so efficient you will be able to get better coverage with a lower flow rate when welding. So for smaller tungsten stick out or for materials that aren’t as critical with shielding gas coverage you can keep the flow lower. This in turn will save gas and save you money in the long run.
  4. Improves Duty Cycle- A gas lens flows more shielding gas and actually cools a torch better than a standard gas collet/body kit. Because of this it reduces the heat in the torch and will in return raise the duty cycle for your machine. This also helps keep the heat down in a air cooled torch and saves your hands.
  5. Easy Conversion- If you purchase a kit for your size torch the kit can be screwed right onto your torch with no modifications. You can change cups depending on the area you’re welding or the gas coverage you need.

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