Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts He Actually Wants.

Fathers Day Gifts for a 2019 Dad

Dads tend to wear many hats, they might work and provide for their family, serve as a handyman, janitor, mechanic, toy repairman, sports coach, husband, and much more. A dad that wears so many hats needs to have a wide variety of tools in his arsenal. Instead of giving him another tie get a tool he really could use. We decided to put together our Top 5 Father’s Day Gifts for this year.

  1. Magnetic Finger- Whether dad is working on the lawn mower, the family mini van, or fixing your daughters bicycle a job can turn into a headache if you drop a nut or a bolt. The Magnetic finger lets you turn off or remove a bolt and keep it stuck to your finger so it doesn’t drop down into the deep dark depths of the vehicle. Simply slide this over your finger and grab the bolt or nut and it will stick right to it. This is one of those tools you don’t know you need until you’re in a serious bind.
  2. Screw Buster- Removing old screws can be a nightmare. A lot of times if you don’t get them broke free in the first try you’ll damage the head of the screw and it will be stuck for good. By using a screw buster and a pneumatic hammer or rivet gun you can vibrate the screw as you turn the handle on the screw buster to free up stuck screws. This works great for window and door hardware around the house as well as stubborn stuck brake rotor screws all the same.
  3. Flexible Magnetic LED Work Light– Repair jobs for dad come up at the less than optimal times and it’s often dark, cold. and maybe even rainy! This means he’s going to need some extra light when working in the dark. The flexible magnetic COB LED work light allows you to stick the sturdy metal base to any magnetic metal and bend the head to aim light exactly where you need it. This will be a godsend the next time he’s working on your teens jalopy broken on the side of the road.
  4. Respirator- Your Father’s safety should be #1 so you need to make sure he isn’t working without a respirator when working on your vehicle, painting a room, or even mowing the lawn on a dry day. A good respirator will protect your dad no matter the situation.
  5. Battery Maintainer- Keeping all of the engines running in your household may feel like a full time job even for the experienced dads out there. A battery maintainer (or two) can be plugged into any item with a battery and charge it as needed without watching it. This is great for lawn mowers in the winter, snow blowers in the winter, and the kids cars while they’re away at college or summer camp! Grab one for each vehicle you need to maintain.

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