Top 5 Airbrush FAQ’s


  1. WHAT IS AN AIRBRUSH? An airbrush is a small air operated paint gun that sprays thinned paints, stains, inks, dyes, glazes etc. Unlike a typical automotive paint gun it is held in the hand and used like a pen.
  2. HOW DOES AN AIRBRUSH WORK? The one main requirement of all airbrushes is that they require a source of compressed air. When the trigger on the airbrush is pressed the air is turned on which, by venturi action draws the liquid through the nozzle and atomises it just in front of the tip/nozzle. The amount of liquid sprayed is controlled by how far the needle is pulled back with the trigger. On some airbrushes this can be set with a stop.
  3. WHAT TYPE OF AIRBRUSH IS BEST FOR ME? Airbrushes come in two basic styles Singe and Double Action. Single Action simultaneously turns on the air and sprays the liquid in the paint cup. This type of airbrush is simpler and is generally cheaper to purchase. The downside is that it isn’t as controllable or accurate like a double action airbrush. With the double action airbrush pressing down on the trigger turns the air flow on and releasing pressure on the trigger turns the air off. Pulling back on the trigger opens the needle/nozzle valve, which releases the paint into the air stream. This type of airbrush offers very fine control for doing delicate blending, detail work, etc.
  4. Do I need Different Types of Needle/Nozzles? – Some airbrushes are available with different size needle/nozzle arrangements. Nozzles can be categorized as fine, medium or heavy. Much like large automotive paint guns; the larger the nozzle, the bigger the spray pattern produced with the capability to spray thicker liquids.
  5. What Do I need to Start Using an Airbrush? The four main things you need to start using an airbrush is pretty simple. The first is the airbrush itself to spray with, then a source of compressed air (some guns come with a small air compressor), air hoses and connections, and of course paint or a coating!

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