Top 5 2019 Collector Car Gifts Under $50

Our Favorite Tools and Supplies for your Auto Enthusiast

Sometimes a car guy or gal can be the hardest to shop for. They often have LOTS of tools and supplies for their classic car and you may be worried you’ll give them a duplicate gift from a big-box department store. We’ve put together Top 5 Gifts for Collector Car Enthusiasts for 2019. We assure you these won’t be your standard air freshener or steering wheel cover gifts that are the equivalent of socks and ties.

  1. Pocket-Sized Tool Kit- The Eastwood 29 Piece Ratcheting Driver and Bit Set gives you most of the common fastener bits that will allow your motorhead to do work on their own car even on the side of the road. This small kit comes with a small case that can be stashed in a glove box, spare tire well, or door pocket. For under $20 you can’t go wrong!
  2. Remove Dents at Home– Whether you have a modern daily driver or a classic collector car a dent in a door or other body panel can be a big headache. The Eastwood DIY Painless Dent Removal Kit makes even a beginner look like a professional PDR tech! This kit comes in just under $50 and comes with everything you need to get your feet wet with dent removal.
  3. Auto Body Hammer Set- A good set of body hammers and dollies is a great asset for an automotive enthusiast. You’ll likely need a body hammer and dolly at some point and they aren’t something you can just run to the local Wal-Mart and pick up. Grab the Eastwood 7 Piece Hammer and Dolly Kit to get your motorhead invested in auto body repair for their next project.
  4. HVLP Paint Gun– If you’re into collector cars there’s likely gonna be a time when you want to paint or coat something and that means you’ll need a good paint gun to get the job done. The Rockwood 8 Piece HVLP Paint Gun kit comes in just under $50 and gives you everything needed to spray everything from Rust Coatings to paint and clear coat. This kit is a good entry level kit but with a little practice can lay down some nice paint jobs!
  5. Mini Belt Sander- A mini belt sander is quickly becoming our go-to tool for intricate sanding when working on projects. These work great for mechanical repairs like gasket removal as well as body work and fabrication jobs. The Eastwood Electric Mini Belt Sander allows you to utilize these handy sanders without needing an air compressor.

That’s the top 5 of our favorite sub- $50 tools for this holiday season. To see our entire holiday gift guide visit our site HERE.

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