Top 4 Ways to Use MIG Welding Pliers

A set of MIG Welding Pliers are a must-have for your welding cart. While they look like a standard set of needle nose pliers they actually have a number of functions that you might not realize. We decided to list our top 4 favorite uses of our MIG Pliers.

  1. Perfect 1/4″ Stick-Out– If you use the center cutting portion of the pliers you will notice that when you turn the pliers one direction the cutting portion will be set back in the pliers. If you put the pliers tight against the gas nozzle the offset cutter gives you a consistent 1/4″ stick out of welding wire every time. This is great for beginners and also saves you time having separate wire cutters on your welding cart.
  2. Remove Nozzle- Just under the pivot point of the pliers there is a conical shaped opening formed into the pliers. This area allows you to clamp down on the gas nozzle on your MIG torch and easily loosen or tighten it.
  3. Loosen Contact Tip- More commonly you will need to replace a contact tip as it gets worn out. These can be difficult to remove by hand and the pliers have a second conical opening just above the wire cutter where you can easily grip the contact tip and remove or tighten it.
  4. Remove Weld Spatter- Weld spatter can fill a gas nozzle and block gas flow or even build up and short out on the contact tip when you try to weld. Make it a habit to remove the nozzle and use the outside of the end of the pliers to clean the nozzle out. Open the pliers firmly as you spin the nozzle around the inside opening to get a clean nozzle before each welding job.

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