Top 4 Reasons You Need A Box and Pan Brake

A Metal Brake can be an invaluable tool in the home garage or a professional fabrication shop. A standard brake bends metal in one direction and can handle a variety of metal fabrication jobs. But there are limits to a standard brake. If you need to do multiple bends to create a box type shape you may find the brake can only do two sides. Read below our top reasons to have a Box and Pan or Finger Brake in your shop.

  1. Quick Changing Of Leaves- The “fingers” or leaves can be easily changed or relocated to give space for the material to fold into to create boxes or complex shapes. The leaves can be removed quickly with an allen wrench to allow for easy changes when making intricate parts.
  2. Auto Body Panel Fabrication- The Eastwood Box and Pan brakes can bend up to 18 gauge steel that is commonly used on autobody fabrication making them extremely useful auto restoration and customization enthusiasts.
  3. Bend Extreme Degrees- With the Box and Pan brake you are able to bend far over 90 degrees to 135 degrees. With bends over 90 degrees you are able to dial in perfect custom boxed enclosures, braces and floor parts.
  4. Easy to Use- With minimal moving parts it is easy to quickly learn to make complex shapes with a box and pan brake. Simply clamp, bend, and remove the part. Remove or move fingers to make intricate bends or parts. After a few test parts you can be fabricating like a pro!

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