Top 3 Ways To Make Better Plasma Cuts

With the advances in cutting technology even the common home garage or DIY enthusiast can have the power of a plasma cutter at their finger tips. This means that we aren’t all pro fabricators and we might have trouble making clean cuts with our plasma cutter from time to time. There isn’t a lot needed to make a plasma cutter work but there are a few major things that can effect the quality of your cuts with a plasma cutter. Read below for our top 3 plasma cutter tips and tricks. 

  1. Cleanliness is Important- While high frequency arc start of plasma cutters like the Eastwood Versa-Cut Plasma Cutters allows you to start a cut on dirty/rusty metal it doesn’t mean it can work miracles. If your metal has very thick rust or multiple coats of paint it could cause the plasma cutter to have trouble starting or maintaining an arc. We suggest cleaning the area where you’re starting the cut if it has really rusty metal. Also make sure that your plasma cutter has clean air coming in. Compressed air that isn’t dry could cause spitting or sputtering causing an inconsistent cut.
  2. Fresh Consumables- As you cut your plasma cutter torch consumables tend to wear out and the cut accuracy could be effected. If you’re making a crucial cut that NEEDS to be consistent we suggest installing a fresh electrode, nozzle, and air shroud. This will assure you get a clean cut. If you’re seeing an arc that is shooting to the side or is making a larger cut than usual you made need to replace your torch consumables.
  3. Cutting Technique– If you’re having problems with keeping an arc going or not getting full penetration through the metal (assuming your machine set at the proper settings) you may have an issue with your torch angle, height, or travel speed. Your cutting technique can greatly decrease the quality of your cut if you aren’t careful. We suggest keeping the torch tip very close to the metal. If your plasma cutter has a “drag tip” you can actually rest the tip on the metal and drag it across the work piece. Dragging the tip will wear the consumables out more quickly but can help keep your torch steady. If you’re hovering the tip above the work piece make sure that it is about 1/16″-3/32″ off the work piece. Much more than that can cause issues with your cut. Also keep an eye on your cut and make sure to only travel as fast as the plasma arc is punching through the metal. If you move too quickly you might not fully cut the metal and have to go back and make clean-up cuts.

Hopefully those quick plasma cutting tips help you make better cuts in the future. If you need a new plasma cutter or consumables for your Versa-Cut Plasma Cutter you can visit our site HERE.

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