Top 3 Under Car Coatings You Need For A Restoration

We’re happy to brag we’ve been a long-standing leader in the under car coating world. We’ve been offering products to seal up bare metal, stop rust, and protect existing finishes for almost as long as we’ve been in business. This means that we’ve had a lot of different products come and go and we currently offer a large variety of products for most any under car project. Because of this we get a LOT of questions from enthusiasts about what core products do they need for restoring the under side of their vehicle and why. We decided to break it down and give you our top 3 and a simple “WHY?”+

  1. Seam Sealer- It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a full AACA points restoration or just servicing your daily driver pickup truck you will need seam sealer to help further protect your vehicle. We suggest using seam sealer on all repair seams where you may have replaced panels or patched in an area. We like to apply Self Etching Weld Thru primer on the areas that are sandwiched or hidden and then priming the entire seam after welding. This helps seal the bare metal. Then you can apply a bead of seam sealer to close up the entire sandwiched panel and fully seal out any rust, moisture, or debris from prematurely damaging a repair. Another great use for seam sealer is to replace worn out, failing seam sealers. If you see holes, tears, or peeling seam sealer under your vehicle it is a good idea to scrape, cut, or wire wheel it off and apply a fresh coat of seam sealer. Any penetration through the seam sealer to bare metal leaves a pocket for moisture and rust to form under the seam sealer and spread quickly. Usually by the time you see it the damage has been done and major repairs are needed. 90% of our normal restorations and repairs are covered with our Cartridge Seam Sealer in Black or Beige.
  2. Undercoating- This is probably one of our most questioned products we sell. It can be confusing when you start looking at the undercoating product offering. There’s everything from the dirt cheap dollar-store undercoating to the As-seen-On-TV varieties to hardcore professional undercoating systems. Which is best for you? The simple answer is that you want a rubberized undercoating; not a cheap asphalt based product. Rubberized undercoating when applied correctly will resist road debris and also seal out moisture and rust. This is why we suggest using a quality rubberized undercoating under most vehicles after repairs or restoration. We offer Rubberized Undercoating in aerosol cans for ease of use and professional undercoating guns and cans for those with air compressors and wanting a better finish.
  3. Rust Encapsulator- Rust Encapsulator has been one of our top products for many years and we’ve become known for our rust solutions. Rust Encapsulator is probably our most universal coating. It can be sprayed over bare metal, rusty metal, and can be used as a primer or a top coat depending on the finish you want. We even married rubberized undercoating and rust encapsulator together to give you a rubberized rust encapsulator that’s become a DIY-friendly favorite among our customers. We offer multiple levels of Encapsultor protection and the choice is up to you depending on budget, project, and longevity of the repair. You can see all of our Rust Solutions HERE.

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