Top 3 Reasons You Need A Scroll Compressor

Why a Scroll Compressor is Better than a Piston-Type Compressor

Scroll Compressors have been a staple in the industrial world for 40-50 years and have quietly been providing air and pressure to factories, warehouses, and industrial mechanical shops reliably. But why would you want a Scroll Compressor in your home garage? We detail our top 3 reasons below.

  1. Whisper Quiet- Scroll compressors have been powering things like air condition units and even refrigerant units for many years because they are so quiet and you can work right along side of them. A scroll air compressor like the Eastwood QST 30/60 have no parts that are running with friction so the “engine noise” is almost non existent. In fact the sound of the air filling the tank on a scroll compressor is often times louder than the scroll unit itself! Scroll Compressors are extremely quiet and tend to put out 2-3 times as few decibels when running. This means you can easily work and have a conversation while your using air tools, hear your radio, and not have to build a fortress around your compressor to keep the sound down. You’ll be impressed how quickly you’ll forget your compressor is even there once you have a scroll powering your compressed air needs in your shop.
  2. Oil-Less Air- The design of a scroll means that there’s no oil mixing with the air when compressing it and filling the tank. A scroll compressor doesn’t have parts that move and touch so they don’t require oil flowing through them quite the same as a traditional piston driven compressors. This means that there is virtually no oil deposited into the air as it enters the air tank and will mean less contaminates in your air lines when painting, sanding, or using air tools in general. We still suggest using an air filtration system with your air compressor; but it won’t work nearly as hard on the oil separation front.
  3. 100% Duty Cycle- Piston driven compressors; no matter their size or cost will decrease in performance the longer they run. The duty cycle on a piston driven air compressor is the biggest limiting factor if you’re using it hard and it runs all the time. As it heats up the CFM will drop and the performance overall will quickly decrease. This is why many people have trouble when media blasting or using big air sanders that run for long periods of time and require a massive amount of air. Because of the design of a Scroll Compressor they have a 100% duty cycle and are actually designed to run continuously with no noticeable drop in pressure or CFM. This is why in some industrial settings they forgo having an air tank and the compressor feeds the system directly as it can run for hours or days continuously with no ill effects.

If you want to step up your home air compressor or small professional shop you can no look no further than the Eastwood QST Compressor Line. These will bring you industrial technology to your home shop! Find our entire line of air compressors HERE.

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