Top 3 Reasons Eastwood Turbine HVLP Paint Gun is Better

Early on Turbine paint guns got a bad rap for being bulky, inefficient and difficult to use. The higher quality turbine paint guns on the market tend to be very expensive and don’t make sense unless you have a high production facility. We worked hard to get a professional quality Turbine Paint Gun System on the market for our DIY and small pro shops that don’t need or want a traditional compressor and HVLP gun. After testing it we were blown away at the quality of paint job you could achieve with it and we let our customers try it and give us feedback. Our reviews speak volumes about how well the Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun System does and we decided to list our top 3 Customer comments about the gun below!

  1. Mike from Virginia Beach says “I have used both compressed air for spraying as well as turbine units. I have owned many different brands including Apollo. This one intrigued me because of the price, reputation of Apollo and the fact that it was a gravity feed gun. I never liked using turbine systems with bottom feed cups for 2 reasons. The cup is always in the way and the hoses from other brands are really bulky and heavy. Apollo hose is so light weight and with the gravity feed gun, it feels like I am spraying with a conventional system. The is so much less over spray compared to using an HVLP compressed air gun. I sprayed with my turbine and then switched to an HVLP compressed air gun and you could see the difference. I feel like the turbine lays a better finish as well. Less bounce back and more transfer efficiency. I also don’t have to worry about moisture and oil in my lines. I have been in the furniture business for over 40 years and I am starting a new adventure. This will work fine for that. I also am a drummer and started to refinish a drum set using this system. Working on clear coat now. “
  2. DK14 from Round Lake, IL says ” so I bought this gun for Liquid Wrap use, not paint. and I have to say that I am beyond blown away with how this gun is performing. I have been using it for just over a month now and the ease of use is phenomenal. I have 0 background in any painting aspects other than using a rattle can, and I can produce need professional finishes with the Apollo. “
  3. Show Car from Sacramento, Ca says ” This is the best spray system I’ve ever usedI own 3 Iwata spray guns costing up to $700 and a few sata I’m not sure why everybody doesn’t own one I really can’t believe what a perfect job this machine does or maybe it’s just me. “

The Eastwood Turbine Paint Gun system is fully self contained and requires no air compressor special equipment other than the kit itself. As you’ll see above we’ve been having customers use it for everything from antiques and collectibles to wraps to automotive paint and it is up to the task! We offer replacement parts and different needle-nozzle kits like standard paint guns to allow you to spray any liquid coating. To learn more about our Paint Products Visit our Site HERE.

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