Top 3 Brake Tools Every DIY Garage Needs!

Brake work is something that is inevitable no matter the era your car was built in. Since the early days of automobiles the braking system of a vehicle hasn’t changed much and the same basic tools can be used on your fair weather cruiser and your modern daily driver. There’s some tools for brake work that every shop needs regardless of how serious of a shop you have you’ll find a use!

  1. Flaring Tool- If you need to flare a brake line there isn’t really a way to do it without a dedicated tool. While you might be able to get a super cheap tool they tend to be clumsy and waste more brake line and time than anything. Our top two favorite flaring tools are our turret head design Pro Flaring Tool and our On-Car Flaring Tool. Both of these give the perfect flare every time and work on a variety of materials. If you’re on a budget our on-car flaring tool will work for bench work and on the car on most vehicles on the road these days.
  2. Brake Line Bender- Bending brake lines is actually harder than you think and you want to avoid bending them around your hand, knee or another object. You can easily kink or damage the brake lines and cause restrictions in your braking systems that could be dangerous. A dedicated tubing bender is cheap and makes your brake line repairs look professional with perfectly radiused bends in the lines.
  3. Tubing Deburring Tool- A tubing deburring tool is a must have for doing brake lines. It allows you to clean and radius both the inside and outside of the brake lines. Why is this important? Burrs from cutting brake lines can get into the tube and restrict flow of the brake system or can get lodged in the flaring tool and cause a poor flare or seal when attaching your brake lines. Take the few seconds to use the tubing deburring tool and gain some piece of mind!

This is just a small listing of our favorite brake tools and the more specialized brake and tubing tools you add to your tool box the easier each job will become. Shop our entire line of brake tools HERE.

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