Top 3 Automotive Winter Accessories

If you live in a portion of the country where you experiences all of the types of weather you know that winter is one that can be brutal and takes some preparation to make it through winter successfully. We’ve found that there are a few items that can really help those of us that have a lot of things to take care of and maintain during winter. We decided to put together our Top 3 Automotive Accessories that you might not realized you need. Read more below.

  1. Battery Maintainer- It doesn’t matter if you have an old tractor, electric start snow blower, snow blower, old cars, or just a few regular cars it’s good to have a battery maintainer (or 2-3) to keep all of your battery powered vehicles topped off. The Eastwood Battery Maintainer can be left connected all of the time and it will monitor your battery and keep it charged. This leaves all of your items ready-to-go for winter time cold-starts.
  2. Salt Neutralizer- Road Salt is the enemy for the undercarriage of your vehicle. While it does keep roads passable in winter time months it can deteriorate your vehicle in just a few years. It is a best practice to get salt neutralizer and mix it up in with some water to spray on the undercarriage of your vehicle to stop the salt from causing rust. We like to use a pump sprayer you’ll find in the garden center at your local hardware store.
  3. Quality Car Wash- After driving in major snow and salt there’s likely to be a warm-up in the weather and you should take that advantage to wash your vehicle (after spraying the undercarriage with Salt Neutralizer) so that you can get the excess road grime and salt off the paint. We suggest to use Griots Brilliant Finish Car Wash to Soak and Wash your vehicle with. This will leave it looking great and also get the contaminants off the road salt off your paint and undercarriage.

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