Top 3 Advantages of a Dual Voltage Powder Coating Gun

Powder coating is one of those processes that you can never fully master and the more you test different techniques the more you may find the need for additional or better equipment. So if you’re just getting into powder coating and thinking of buying your first powder gun you may wonder why you would want a dual voltage powder coating gun. Read below for our top 3 advantages of owning and using a dual voltage powder coating gun.

  1. Multi-Coat Coverage- If you’re doing any type of multi-coats of powder you will find that a single voltage powder gun might not be able to have a strong enough charge to adhere 2+ coats. This means adding a clear coat, adding bases and translucents, etc. might not be possible. The higher voltage rating on the dual voltage gun creates a higher electro-static charge that’s transferred to the powder and will grab onto the item much better than a single voltage unit.
  2. Faraday Cage Effect- On the flip side using the lower setting on the dual voltage powder gun will allow you to get around the Faraday Cage Effect when powder coating tight corners or crevices that won’t allow powder to wrap or adhere. Simply turn the gun down to a lower setting and the power will grab on.
  3. Large Part Coverage- By turning your dual voltage powder gun up to the higher setting it will allow you to evenly powder coat large parts and panels that might not be possible with lower voltage single guns. This also alleviates the need to move your ground cable around on the part to help get better adhesion.

If you’re looking to dive head first into the powder coating world you can find everything you need to get started on our website HERE.

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