Get Comfortable and Step Up Your TIG Game

Step up your TIG game and take your machine to the next level, enabling you to perform stronger and better looking welds.  Regardless of the capabilities of the machine that you have, if you are looking to lay down the same great looking welds over and over, you have to be comfortable in your welding position.  It’s good practice to take your time to get into a comfortable position and take a dry run before you start an arc. This will tell you whether your position will enable you to complete your weld from end to end without stopping and starting.

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Another secret for getting in the most comfortable position when welding is to use a torch and foot pedal that enable you weld at nearly any angle.  A flexible head torch will enable you to rest your hand where it’s comfortable and position the torch head at the best angle to get the perfect weld.  The flex head torch can get you into weld joints that would be once impossible with a standard fixed torch.


Space constraints with a TIG torch can also make it difficult to weld in the proper position.  There are many size TIG torches on the market but the #17 torch that the Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC comes standard with is by far the most popular for good reason. The #17 is fairly compact and can run 150-170 Amps regularly and even weld 200 Amps for shorter runs. If you’re doing intricate or low amperage work we offer a smaller #9 Mini Torch.  With a button cap on the back, the #9 torch is nearly half the size of the #17 which enables you to sneak into places you once thought were impossible to fit into.



The other part of the machine that you are attached to when welding is the foot pedal.  You can get into the best torch position possible but that doesn’t mean that you are able to control the pedal in the position you are in.  A rocker style foot pedal enables you to rest your entire foot on the pedal and control the amperage by simply rocking your foot back and forth. This pedal enables you to stand or sit while still having all the control of your heat.  Since you won’t have to hold your foot up from pushing on the pedal.


The rocker pedal also helps prevent leg fatigue.  If you’re welding on a project for an extended period of time, it’s common to experience fatigue and soreness in your leg if you do not have a rocker style pedal. We now offer an upgraded rocker-style pedal for your TIG 200 to help you step up your TIG game.

                A flex head torch and a rocker style foot pedal are simple upgrades you can make to your Eastwood TIG200 that will help you take your TIG skills to the next level.  Get comfortable and start stacking dimes!


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  1. I just picked up an Eastwood TIG200 DC welder a few weeks ago and have been practicing with it. I am more comfortably with my Eastwood MIG at the moment. The kids like the TIG better because they don’t get scared of the sparks like with the MIG, plus its a lot quieter too.
    I am trying to teach the kids useful skills and this is one of them. We homeschool and Metal shop for my 14 yr old daughter is going to be fun this year!

  2. As Far as I can tell you do not offer a rocker style foot control for the Tig 200 ac/dc which has a 3 pin and 2 pin connectors, what you offer Has a 5 pin connector which will only fit your Tig 200 DC welder.

  3. new products look good. i have one of your machines now it works very well. new smaller torch looks interesting, i am looking for a very large window hood with a auto lens i were glasses under the hood

  4. We haven’t tried it on that welder. It would need to have the same metal fitting on the end to thread onto that machine.

  5. That’s awesome, we love hearing about the younger generation learning practical skills and trades like welding!

  6. I have both you mig and tig welder so along with your welding helmet. In videos of weldiding they have a very good view of the weld taking place. I’m never able to see that we’ll. Any tips on being able to get a clearer view.
    ps: I like the rocker pedal and will look at ordering one!

  7. Depends on the helmet you have. Make sure you have an autodimming helmet. Also make sure it is set at low enough that you can see the puddle. Also if your eyesight is poor you may need a magnifier to put in the helmet to help see the puddle easier.

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