A Crash Course on What Makes up a TIG Torch

A TIG welder can be an overwhelming tool to learn to use and master how to control. Learning how the basic steps to assemble and set your TIG torch up can be the first step in laying stacks of dimes. Below we give a crash course on the assembly of the TIG torch.


The TIG Torch is made up of only a few components. From left to right they are:

1. Electrode Tungsten- The tungsten is what carries the electrical current and creates the arc to weld metal. This varies in size and fits through the center of the entire torch. This part is considered a consumable.
2. Gas Nozzle- The Gas Nozzle directs the shielding gas over the weld puddle and threads onto the collect body. If handled correctly they do not go bad.
3. Collet Body- The Collet Body houses the electrode, helping to complete the electrical connection. It also has has holes in it that emit the shielding gas. This part threads into the torch itself and doesn’t go bad.
4. Torch Assembly/Handle- The torch handle itself is pretty small once all of it’s parts are removed. It has a gas hose that runs through it and sends the electrical current from the machine.
5. Collet- The collet has two slits cut in the side of it and slips tightly over the electrode. This slips in through the back of the torch and seats into the back of the collet body. Once the back cap is tightened down collet presses into the collet body tightens around the electrode to hold it in place.
6. Back Cap- The Back Cap houses the extra length of the electrode and threads into the back of the torch body. This part has an O-ring on it that helps seal the shielding gas inside the torch so it is directed out the front of the torch.

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