The ultimate Accessory for Checking Clearances and Run-Out In the Garage

Posted: March 17, 2021 By: MattM

If you’re doing any type of precision work or checking the run out on an old part you may need something a little more calibrated then standing back and squinting with your eyes. There are some precision tools and measuring devices that you might not have in your garage or workshop that could really step up the quality of your machine work or help more accurately check the tolerances on older parts.

A dial indicator allows you to check minute differences in surfaces or rotational run out in parts. This is used quite frequently by engine builders and machinists and can be good to have even in a DIY garage or workshop. Use it to check or measure older parts or when fabricating or machining small parts yourself. A good dial indicator has a dial face much like a clock and the needle will bounce or move with very very small changes in surface height giving you very accurate measurements that need tight clearances.

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