The Secret To A Successful PDR Project.

Painless Dent Removal Line Board Saves The Day

Painless Dent Removal or PDR can seem like witchcraft to the average person but there are a few tools and tricks of the trade that can help you repair damage yourself at home. Obviously a DIY PDR Kit itself is very important but there are other tools that can help you get closer to mastering PDR.

Being able to see how well you are removing a dent is a very difficult thing to do with the naked eye. The struggle is over once you get yourself an Eastwood PDR Line Board. Now you can easily see the dent that you are working on and will be assured that you have got the whole dent out before you back the car out and see it in the sunlight.

  • Precision aligned, high-contrast reflection lines
  • Suction cup base
  • Positive locking positioning goose neck
  • Vibration free mounting on any smooth body surface

The Eastwood Paintless Dent Removal Line Board relies on precision aligned, high-contrast reflection lines to provide a clear outline of minor metal dings and damage for removal. The suction cup base, with a positive locking “gooseneck”, allows solid, vibration free mounting on any smooth body surface.

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