The Safest Way to Disassemble A Vehicle

Whether you’re restoring or repairing your daily drive you will want to try and save those parts from major damage when disassembling the vehicle. Using metal screwdrivers, pry bars and other objects can damage the parts and cause you more work during reassembly as they might not fit correctly. We’ve found that dedicated nylon pry tools are the best for removing exterior trim and interior parts without damaging, the parts themselves as well as paint and finishes surrounding those parts.

The non-marring reinforced nylon material of these pry tools won’t scratch paint and is less likely to dent or puncture the body panels. Each end of each tool has a unique shape and function to pry off plastic, metal or upholstery. Use the forked ends to get around clips, buttons, and tabs to pry them evenly. Use the solid pry tool ends to pull or pry trim and that don’t have center clips. Finally use the wide thin pry tool for scrapping or chiseling glue on trim off without damaging paint underneath.

Find all of our trim and interior tools HERE.

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