The Quickest Way to Cut Metal- Metal Cutting Circular Saws

Tools run our lives and we’re always looking for new tools to help you get the job done right and easier. Cutting metal seems to be one of those jobs you can never have enough tools for. Recently we’ve become fascinated with metal cutting circular tools. These aren’t just wood saws with special blades, these are specially designed circular saws made to cut thick metal.

How does a Metal Circular Saw Work?

Metal “Cold Cut” Saws are almost closer to a machining tool than a saw as they have specially spaced toothed blades that essentially cut or chip the metal away and create very little heat. Because of this the blades need to be made or coated with a very durable cutting material. Quality cold cut metal saw blades will either be carbide coated tips or made of tungsten on the tips. These surfaces are like your cutting bits on a lathe and allow the blades to efficiently cut metal away as they work.

Can I cut Metal with a Wood Circular Saw?

We get this question all the time. It’s a common mistake that people will take their common wood circular saw or abrasive chop saw and try and install a cold cut saw blade. The results are usually a broken saw or a dulled/damaged saw. This is because most circular saws and chop saws turn at the wrong RPM for metal cutting circular saw blades. Also a lot of chop saws and wood circular saws aren’t internally braced or strengthened for cutting metal and will break after only a few cuts.

Which Cold Cut Saw is Best For Me?

In recent years cold cut metal saws have become all the rage and the prices and offerings have now dropped more into the DIY Enthusiast range. For small jobs, mobile cutting in a vehicle, or if you just want a cheap alternative to try out a cold cut saw, try the Eastwood Mini Metal Saw. It uses a 4.75″ blade and is a single-handed tool that makes it easy to take the tool to the job and comes in at just over $100.

If you want a bench top option or a larger circular saw for cutting metal look no further than the Evolution Saws Cold Cut Saw tool line. These saws are of the highest quality in the DIY cold cut saw market and come in a number of sizes. If you’re making a large number of cuts in thicker metal you may want to grab an Evolution saw over a Mini Metal Saw, but do realize it will be a bit heavier/bulkier and may not work as well on/in a vehicle.

Whichever you choose we know that you will be happy to ditch the abrasive cut off wheel or chop saw to make cuts in thicker metal with a cold cut circular saw. See our entire line of metal cutting circular saws HERE.

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