The Quickest Way to Clean Threads on Hardware

Thread Wizard Saves Old Hardware and Saves Money

The DIY mindset is all about doing things yourself to save money and time. When you’re working on a vehicle you may want to reuse old hardware to avoid being wasteful and also to save money over new hardware. This can get extremely expensive when overhauling an entire vehicle or a major part of the car. We’ve done it the “hard way” for years using a wire wheel or a media blaster to clean old hardware but it can be dangerous and equally as expensive if you factor in the solvents to clean the hardware afterwards.

That was until we found the Thread Wizard, the world’s safest, fastest bolt cleaner. The Thread wizard is an award winning bolt cleaning tool designed by master mechanic and industry veteran, Gary Taylor. Housed in a highly durable handle which is specially shaped to be handheld or clamped in a vise, a wire wheel of the highest quality protrudes into size specific holes surrounding the wheel.

The replacement cost of bolts can add up after time. Whether you work in a mechanics shop, or you perform regular maintenance and repairs on your vehicles at home, this tool will pay for itself.

When a bolt is turned through the Thread Wizard with hand or power tools appropriate for the bolt, the wire wheel removes all grime, dirt, surface rust and fouling, without the safety issues or hassle of wire brushes, solvents or wire wheel bench grinders. Find our SAE and Metric Thread Wizard in Stock at Eastwood.

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