The Quickest Way to Clean and Restore Threads

Anytime you’re working on a vehicle whether it been modern or antique you may find that the fastener doesn’t go back together as nicely as it should. In a perfect world all threaded items can be reassembled initially by hand and torqued to spec with a wrench or socket. But what happens when you try and force the hardware back in and it requires a tool to thread it on all the way? You’re likely damaging the threads of the fastener and it could cause it to strip. We’ve made it a best practice to clean all threaded items before we reassemble them to remove rust, grease, dirt, thread sealant, etc off of the threads and leave it ready for installation.

Our new tried and true method is the Thread Wizard. It has to be the world’s safest AND fastest bolt cleaner. The Thread wizard bolt cleaning tool was designed by master mechanic and industry veteran, Gary Taylor. It is housed in a highly durable handle which is specially shaped to be clamped in a vise held in your gloved hand. The real secret is in the high quality wire wheel that protrudes into size specific holes surrounding the wheel.

The replacement cost of bolts can add up after time. Whether you work in a mechanics shop, or you perform regular maintenance and repairs on your vehicles at home, this tool will pay for itself. It takes only a few seconds per fastener to clean it and it’s ready for installation. When a bolt is turned through the Thread Wizard with hand or power tools appropriate for the bolt, the wire wheel removes all grime, dirt, surface rust and fouling, without the safety issues or hassle of wire brushes, solvents or wire wheel bench grinders.

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