The Number 1 Thing That Will Make You a Better Welder.

A big part of welding is practice, patience, and skill. But there are other things that can make a world of difference no matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. The common denominator is your vision. The better you can see the weld the better you’ll be able to react to the weld and control it for better results. This is why we decided that your vision is important but so is your line of sight.

Enter the Eastwood Panoramic welding helmet. It features a true 180 degree viewing area with True Color Technology. It allows a realistic color perception, bringing color to the world of welding. Unless you’re a production welder on a work bench you’ll find yourself welding out of position and you may need to look out of the corner of your helmet. This design allows you to have a full range of sight. This means you can keep that perfect weld going just a little longer without having to stop and change your position for a better view.

The Eastwood True Color Panoramic Welding Helmet was specifically designed to provide maximum eye and face protection from harmful UV and IR radiation emitted when welding, in a lightweight, comfortable housing. The full 180° view provides additional visibility to the sides for added safety and convenience. This helmet is our best yet and has the ability to allow you to do a multitude of welding including low amperage TIG welding to high amperage ARC or MIG welding. Don’t believe us? Try one for 30 days with our money back guarantee! See all of our welding helmets HERE.

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