The Easiest Way to Separate Auto Body Panels

Overlapped Panels Can be The Most Difficult To Remove During Restoration

When you’re working on repairing rust or restoring a vehicle you likely will have to remove a panel that’s been lapped over another panel and is seam sealed and spot welded. These welds can be hard to find and tend to be tough to get completely drilled out. We’ve tried many methods of separating the panels but you almost always have to do some prying or hammering. Usually chisels are too thick and can cause excessive damage or aren’t ergonomic for hammering on inside a vehicle. That’s why we began offering the Eastwood Seam Splitter Set. These give you a few different styles of sharp splitters that can be hammered on and also give you a comfortable angle to grip them. Read more about them below and get yours HERE.

These Seam Splitters are necessary when separating body panels. Our Favorite Features ARE:

  • Includes 3 Popular Seam Splitters
  • Durable Go Through Handle Design
  • Shock Dampening Grips
  • Easily Separates Panels

Each Kit Includes 3 Splitters for Different Jobs:

(1) Straight Seam Splitter
(1) 30 Degree Seam Splitter
(1) 90 Degree Offset Seam Splitter

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