The Easiest Way to Repair Brake Lines On Car

Brake repair on a car rarely happens at a convenient time and can often leave you stranded and in a tough spot. If you’re a chronic DIY’er like us you want to try and repair as much as you can at home. If you aren’t doing a lot of brake line jobs you might not need our Pro Flaring Tool; but you may need to do some repairs on a vehicle or only will do 3/16 brake line. This is where the Eastwood On-Car Flaring Tool comes into play.

The On-Car Flaring tool allows you to have an affordable handheld tool you can make flares on the vehicle even in tight areas. Simply slide your cleaned 3/16 brake tubing into the tool and leave the locking bolts slightly loose so you can position the tool. You can then set the line depth with the Step 0 die and tighten the clamp bolts down. Simply remove the step 0 punch and insert and tighten the Step 1 punch until it bottoms out. Then flip the punch to step 2 and tighten until it bottoms out. From there disassemble the die and you have a perfectly flared line. You can even remove the handle and clamp it in a vise to use on the bench. This is the best and most affordable brake line tool we’ve made and it works flawlessly every time. It’s a great addition to a professionals toolbox of your sole brake line tool for a weekend warrior.

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