The Easiest Way to Polish Paint

Polishing and buffing auto paint can be a labor intensive job and one of those tasks that can take its toll on the body. Carrying around and lugging a large rotary buffer. These buffers work well and can clean up paint quick but they’re heavy and not user friendly if you’re just learning the art of paint correction.

The True Power 4″ Dual Head Random Orbit Polisher is light weight and balanced to minimize user fatigue. It has a variable speed from 1600 to 3500 Orbits Per Minute that enables you to dial in the perfect speed for the polishing job at hand. Overlapping orbital design enables a swirl free finish faster than traditional polishers, while preventing paint burn. By using an orbital buffer like this it will reduce the chance of paint damage from beginners and is much lighter weight than a larger rotary buffer. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran this buffer is a must have and will give you near perfect results without much of a learning curve!

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