The Easiest Way to Move A Project Car in Storage

Eastwood Hydraulic Wheel Dollies Make moving heavy project cars a snap.

It’s all too often we get a project car and dig into it and life happens and you need to move it around the shop or even move it out of the way to work on something else. Moving a non-running vehicle can be extremely labor intensive and difficult to maneuver in tight areas. We’ve found our best solution yet with the Eastwood Hydraulic Wheel Dollies.

These dollies allow you to lift the wheels off the ground and move cars around, whether they run, or roll or not. Each of these hydraulic wheel dollies can lift up to 1300lbs, and work with tires up to 12 inches wide. Heavy duty ball bearing casters allow cars to be easily maneuvered around most paved and concrete surfaces. Hydraulic powered tire grab/lift action and foot pedal makes using these dollies a breeze. 

These come in sets of two but we suggest two sets to allow for the easiest relocation of your project vehicle. Learn more about all of our wheel dollies HERE.

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