The Best Way to Support Large Panel When Bead Rolling

Bead Rolling is a way of adding strength to sheet metal and once you roll a panel through a bead roller the formed areas can’t really be undone (not easily) and you usually get one shot at making accurate beads in the metal. If you’re rolling beads in large panels it can be difficult to support the metal by yourself and if you let the weight of the metal hang off the bead roller you could cause damage to the metal. The secret to supporting metal in a bead roller and accurately rolling details alone is by adding a bead roller table to your bead roller. Read below about this add-on for all plate style bead rollers.

The Eastwood Bead Roller table supports long panels and increases precision on smaller projects. It Fits standard plate-style bead rollers that are 1/2″ thick, including Eastwood 19″ bead roller and other brand bead rollers with a similar plate style construction. The bead roller table is made to be strong, but still relatively light for ease in installation and folding out of the way when not in use. It is framed out with heavy duty box tubing and skinned with 18 gauge steel.

Simply adjust the mounting tabs for easy height adjustment when using different bead roller die sizes. No tools are needed to change out the table and dies and makes it a cinch to use once installed. This is a must for a small shop or anyone that works alone a lot! Find all of our bead rollers and accessories HERE.

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