The Best Way to stay Organized in the Garage

The biggest way to wear yourself out when working on a big project in your garage is the hundreds of trips back and forth to the toolbox. It’s inevitable you’ll grab the wrong size wrench or you forgot to grab an item out of your toolbox. This can be frustrating and in the end you have a pile of tools on the floor or scattered around the car when done a job. This can lead to messy work situations and also lost tools. We’ve found adding a rolling work car or even better a small rolling toolbox can be the best way to keep organized and also make yourself more productive when working on multiple projects in the garage.

The Eastwood Heavy Duty Shop Cart is the best of both worlds and is basically a mobile working toolbox. It has top opening shelf and four heavy duty drawers that you can keep your bare necessities in when working. In the bottom there is a storage tray for keeping larger tools. We like to keep our most used tools in this box to roll around to each job. A small set of sockets, wrenches, screwdrivers and air tools is a must to keep in the box. This will allow you to require fewer trips back and forth to the toolbox and when you want to clean up from a job you can easily roll everything back to your main toolbox.

This box isn’t just for mechanics and is great for painters, detailers, and upholstery techs that need to keep small items or commonly used tools and supplies in one place they can roll from job to job! Get all of your garage organizational supplies HERE.

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