The Best Way to Sand Large Body Panels

Sanding a vehicle when doing body work is a labor intensive job and can take a LONG time. In this day and age we’re all trying to save time and work smarter.

Eastwood Straight Line Sander Sands Large Panels Quickly

Bodywork is the foundation for a perfect, glass smooth paint job. This means that you want to assure your body work is straight and flat. Using a large orbital DA sander may be a quick way to remove material it doesn’t mean that you’ll get flat panels. The problem with an orbital DA sander is that it’s really easy to turn it on edge and dig “holes” or low spots in the surface. You can use an orbital sander to knock down the ridges or rough spots in cured body filler but you want to finish the sanding with a block sander. The quickest next step to level body filler is to use a large Straight Line Sander. These sanders are dual action and vibrate in a fashion that replicates you sanding by hand. As long as you take care (much like a standard block sander) to keep the sander flat you can quickly level and smooth out body filler in panels. This is especially helpful for doing large panels like hoods, roofs, trunklids, and rocker panels where it can be tough to sand by hand.

Be sure to check the CFM ratings for the straight line sander you choose as these do require more air than a standard sander and efficiency can drop if using it with too small of an air compressor.

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