The Best Way to Rust Proof Inside a Car Frame

Eastwood Internal Frame Coating Stops and Treats Rust In Hidden Areas.

Removing and treating rust in visible exposed areas is fairly straight forward and is just a question of time and money. But when you have a hidden or boxed area like a frame, inner body structures, etc. no money or time will treat it from the outside. That’s why we came up with Eastwood Internal Frame Coating to treat boxed or hidden areas with rust.

Internal Frame Coating destroys rust hiding inside the chassis, so it doesn’t rust its way through. You spend time and money restoring a chassis, but what about all that rust inside the frame? Apply our Internal Frame Coating to make your chassis rust free throughout! Tough phenolic resins penetrate, convert and encapsulates the rust on the internal surface. Zinc phosphate seals it to prevent future corrosion. Each can of Internal Frame Coating comes with a special 24-inch tube that reaches inside the tubular steel bars and frame parts. This tube has a conical nozzle with multiple sprays, which reach outward to completely cover the innards of the metal. Tough phenolic resins in this coating then penetrate and encapsulate the rust on the internal surface, preventing it from spreading. Zinc phosphate seals it to prevent future corrosion. This special coating cures within 24 hours, leaving you a frame that’s strong inside and out even in the sub frame and cavities.

If you want to treat, stop, or remove rust Eastwood has you covered. Check out all of our Rust Treatment Products HERE.

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