The Best Way to Restore Faded Black Plastic Parts

How to Bring Back The Black Luster in Faded Plastic

Faded paint you can polish, oxidized or faded polished metal can be rubbed out to a mirror shine again, but plastic isn’t quite that easy. Plastic parts can tend to change color or loose their color when exposed to the elements for a long period of time. If you’re restoring or redoing a car with black plastic trim, fender flares, bumpers, etc. you probably encountered faded plastic parts. We decided to show you how we tackle restoring black trim and bring it back to black.

Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer

The secret sauce is Eastwood Plastic Resurfacer. We’ve formulated a product that isn’t a paint, or a temporary fix for faded plastic parts. Plastic Resurfacer actually penetrates the surface of the plastic parts and reflows the plastic depositing black color back into the plastic. This means it is recoloring the plastic below the topical surface and will bring it back to looking like new. Plastic Resurfacer has passed 2500 hours of ASTM D4587 QUV testing and we guarantee 7+ years of UV resistance!

How to Restore Faded Black Plastic

The process to restore faded black plastic is easy with Plastic Resurfacer. Simply clean the surface with PRE Paint Prep and a clean, lint-free rag. You may need to use a stiff plastic brush to help remove years worth of coatings or trim dressings that have failed. Make sure the surface is VERY clean before starting.

Before you apply the resurfacer it is best practice to mask off surrounding areas to avoid overspray staining surrounding plastic parts. We like to use masking paper and tape to mask 10-12″ in all directions around the part you’re restoring.

Next apply 2-4 light coats of Plastic Resurfacer. You may notice your first coat or two will be “soaked up” quickly by the plastic. The last 2 coats will really bring the luster back to the plastic. Once the resurfacer has dried and reflowed the plastic you can reassemble and the masked surrounding areas.

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