The Best Way to Polish and Protect Bare Metal

If you have parts that are chrome or polished it can seem like a part time job just to keep them polished and looking good as new. Most polishes aren’t much more than polishing compound that shines the metal up but won’t protect the metal from corroding or rusting almost immediately.

If you want to clean, polish AND protect the metal we have found the nothing beats Autosol Metal Polish. World-famous Autosol polish provides a brilliant gloss and long-lasting weather protection on all metals from aluminum to zinc. It removes rust and oxidation without excessive abrasion. Let the polish do the work. Just a small amount on a soft cloth goes a long way. Leaves a protective film to help prevent future tarnish. If you have heavier corrosion you can use super fine steel wool with Autosol as a first step in cleaning and polishing with a second step of Autosol and a soft cloth.

Find our entire line of metal polishing supplies HERE.

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