The Best Way to Organize Electrical Cords

Nothing is worse or more frustrating than knotted and tangled ratchet straps and electrical cords! Ratchet straps you’re on your own with but electrical cords their may be a savior for you sanity when it comes to organizing the electrical cords in your garage. We’ve been testing an Auto Rewind Electric Cord Reel in our shops and are convinced it’s the best thing since a mobile tungsten grinder! Learn more below.

The Eastwood Auto Rewind Electric Cord Reel Features a heavy-duty, 12 Gauge, 3 conductor power cord with a triple-tap receptacle head to provide electricity to work areas without the need to roll up extension cords when the work is done. A stop anywhere clutch mechanism and slow auto rewind offers added convenience. The built-in thermal overload breaker provides an extra measure of protection.

Mount the Cord Reel overhead or on the wall to keep the cords off the floor when not in use. We like to install multiple near the corners or ends of the shop to avoid pulling a cord all the way across the shop. The plastic body keeps the reel lightweight and is safe to mount on most any surface. Use the simple mounting brackets and you can have it up and in use in minutes! Get all of our favorite shop supplies HERE.

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