The Best way to Move a Bare Car Body During Restoration

When doing a full restoration on a vehicle you need to have an easy way to move the body around during the build process. Whether you just want to store it out of the way while you work on other parts of the project or you want to just have it mobile for taking to be blasted or move to another part of your shop for work it is hand to have your body mobile. While you can get by using crude methods like putting wheel dollies under the car with some old wood it is crude and usually ends up doing more damage than good this way. We have found the best way by far is to have a body cart dedicated to each project as it makes it simple to roll the body on and off a trailer for transport or for moving to a far corner of the shop out of the way.

Body carts are made mostly universal but you can get adapters to fit most bodies that will be basically a bolt on affair. We suggest mounting the carts as close to the stock body mounts as possible as those spots are reinforced from the factory. Always check your body to make sure it is square and true before mounting the body on the car as you may need to do repairs right on the body cart and it will keep it locked in the position you mount it on the cart.

Height of you body cart is a factor if you plan to work on the body on the cart. For instance if you use a cart that is too tall and you want to do work on the roof of the vehicle it can be difficult to reach the roof during the process. That is why we suggest keeping a cart as low as possible to help you easily access all parts of the car during the restoration process. Now if you plan to transport the body or roll it over rough terrain this may be another story and you may need the ground clearance so we’d suggest getting a cart that is height adjustable or sits a little higher for easy transportation.

Regardless of your project a body cart and body rotisserie is a huge help and will allow you to do better quality work easier! Find all of our body carts and rotisseries HERE.

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