The Best Way To Keep Your Tools Organized Under The Car

If you’re like most of us you’ll have to work under your car at some point and need to slide on a dolly or lay on your back to work on your vehicle. But then it never fails and you always forget a tool or part and have to get up and down numerous times to grab tools or supplies. The other problem is that you need a work light and end up kicking it or knocking it over and have to scurry around to find it. We decided to take the headaches out of working under your car and help you get more organized.

The Eastwood Rolling Undercar Tool Tray is a solution for all of those problems we mentioned above! This little rolling cart can hold up to 65 pounds of tools/parts/supplies, and is made of a polypropylene co-polymer that is resistant to most chemicals and also is tough enough to take the abuse of mechanical work. One compartment in the rolling undercar tool tray is even magnetized to hold hardware and tools in place for assembly and disassembly. We like to use one compartment to hold tools, one to hold hardware, attach our work light, and even store spare rubber gloves in so you can work under your car without having to get up and down numerous times to get supplies.

Find all of the Tools and Mechanic accessories on our site HERE.

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