The Best Way to Keep Tools From Rolling Around in Your Tool Box

Nothing is worse when opening your tool box than when the drawer gets stuck because your tools rolled forward and stacked up. This usually happens when the little mat they include in the tool box slides with the weight of the tools sitting on it. The bottom of the toll box drawers are usually smooth and painted and they actually make the tool mat slide more easily! A little trick we’ve come across is to to take the factory liner out of your tool box and install pieces of Grippy Mat in each drawer.

Grippy Mats, from the makers of PIG Mats, are a must for any shop or garage. Their “sticky backs” are ideal for work benches and tool box drawers like we mentioned above. The light adhesive allows you to easily stick them into your drawers. The light adhesive keeps the mats from sliding or bunching up even if you slam the drawer shut quickly. The textured top on the mats also resist slipping of tools as well and are a nice alternative to the stock mats that come in most tool boxes. We offer Grippy Mats in rolls and convenient pre-cut packs. See all of our tool boxes and accessories HERE.

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