The Best Way to Hold Large Body Panels When Doing Body Work

When doing repair work on a large panel like a hood, trunk lid, doors, or other parts it can be tough to find a space to do repair work to the panel. Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a huge work table to put the parts on and even then it can be tough to get all around the part to do work since the bottom of the panel is then blocked. Our Heavy Duty work stands can hold a lot of weight and medium to large panels but when the overhang gets excessive they can become unsteady. We’ve been looking for a solution for years and recently came up with a great way to support long or large parts on a work stand.

The Eastwood Workstand Extensions are over six foot long and can support up to 200 pounds of weight. Add two to a work stand to support an extremely large part like a roof, hood, or other part for a larger vehicle where the foot print of the normal work stand isn’t enough. We only suggest they you have it in an open area so you aren’t squeezing past it and tip a part over!

The Workstand Extension will fit most any common folding “body shop workstand” and installs in seconds. See all of our autobody tools and accessories HERE.

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