The Best Way to Cut Metal Stock For A Fabrication Project

The Eastwood 8 inch Straight Cut Shear Cuts Metal Quick

When fabricating you may need to cut metal stock to make brackets tabs or fixtures and it can take a long time to use a band saw or cutting wheel. We’ve found that the Eastwood 8 inch Shear saves time and works easily once fixtured to a heavy metal workbench.

With a heavy duty steel frame, tool steel blades and extra long leverage handle, this shear is a must-have tool for any fabricator. It will easily handle a full 8 inch cut of 11 gauge steel and will even shear up to 3/16 inch in smaller widths, plus up to 3/16 inch round bar. The throatless design allows for continual cutting in a straight line – with a helper you can cut a 4 foot x 8 foot sheet in half! Shear mounts securely to your workbench or quickly in a vise for smaller jobs.

After a few uses the shear will pay for itself and be a staple in your metal cutting tools in the shop. Find your all of our Eastwood Cutting Tools HERE.

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