The Best Way Repair Rusty Floor Pans

Posted: June 11, 2019 By: MattM

Repairing floors on an older vehicle can be a major undertaking. Doing the work inside the car isn’t so bad as long as you have the interior removed and the floors stripped clean. You can often use a Plasma Cutter to rough cut the old rusty floor pans out and trim the replacement pans to fit. If you have replacement floor pans you can easily drop them in and plug weld in place. Otherwise you need to make your own floor pans with a bead roller and set them in place. After it all has been welded you may need to weld and seam seal the underside of the vehicle and anyone that has done welding under a car knows it can be torturous even for the best welders. We’ve found the the best way to repair the underside of a vehicle during restoration is to use a body rotisserie. This allows you to carefully rotate the vehicle upside down and service all sides while standing or kneeling. This means you will get better welds and turn out a better repair job. The Eastwood 3000lb Rotisserie is the perfect way for you to be able to access every side of the vehicle for a true professional restoration. Fabricate a few mounts to attach your project to the universal arms and you are ready to lift and spin your project towards completion.

We guarantee that your back will thank us after working with rotisserie for a day when doing floor pans on your vehicle. Most vehicles can be spun with one person but larger vehicles require some additional help to spin it in position. We suggest also investing in an auto body cart to roll your project car body around while you finish the chassis. These two items are a must have for a serious enthusiast or restoration shop. To see all of our restoration body carts and rotisseries visit our site HERE.

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