The Best Rust Paint Prevention EVER!

We’ve been in the business of fighting rust since our inception and we’re always looking for new ways to remove, stop, or slow down rust. We’ve had our original Rust Encapsulator Paint on the market and in the DIY consumers’ hands for many many years. Over the years we’ve learned a lot and wanted to one-up ourselves and make the best darn Rust Preventative Paint ever! Along the way what we’ve found is that a lot of rust preventative coatings on the market make quite profound statements but few stand the test of time. As we’ve been testing our new Rust Encapsulator Platinum coating we found out exactly how durable it is and how it compares to other leading coatings on the internet and the department store shelves.

Rust Paint Scratch Test Durability Testing after 500 Hours of Salt Spray

What we’ve found from our tests is that Rust Encapsulator Platinum out preformed all of the competition and while there was minimal rust localized around where the coating was compromised (or scribed/scratched to bare metal) the others tended to fail else where in the middle of the panel where damage was present. All panels in the test are “Scribed Rusty Metal”. That means the panels were rusty, coated with the paint and then scribed before going into the salt spray chamber. This is worrying on a vehicle where you want to save the metal from rusting further and you can’t get in to inspect it easily. Rust Encapsulator Platinum is the most durable, longest lasting rust encapsulating coating we have found. Independent lab testing of salt spray ASTM# B-117 testing has proven Rust Encapsulator Platinum has surpassed ALL competitive products tested and exceeded the 1500 hrs., torture test.

Platinum Rust Encapsulator has been formulated to be brushed, sprayed, or rolled on and can be easily applied no matter you skill level or project. We’ve found it works on any rusty or corroded metal including marine, automotive, industrial, ornamental, household, and much more! Learn more about our rust coating tests and our best ruse coating ever HERE.

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