The Best Car Duster To Save Paint

Cleaning a car can be detrimental to the surface if you aren’t careful. Even when cleaning or dusting your car at a car show you could potentially damage or lightly scratch the paint if you use the wrong cleaner, duster or rag. While it isn’t hard to buff out minor scratches in paint you only have so much clear coat before you burn through and constantly fixing damage from a car cleaning rag or duster can be a big problem. Learn why the California Car Duster is the best option for cleaning your pride and joy without damaging the paint.

  1. Special Wax Baked In- The California Duster has a special design wax baked into the strands on the duster that glide over the paint and won’t push around heavy dirt that could scratch the paint.
  2. Just-Washed Looks- The baked in wax also glides across the paint and helps leave a smooth and wet looking surface that keeps your paint job looking like it was just washed.
  3. Heavy Head- The heavy duty head won’t flex or break from regular use and has just enough weight to require little to no downward force on the car for stress free car cleaning.
  4. Carrying Case- The carrying case may seem like a simple thing but having a case to keep your duster in will assure that your duster stays clean and will last longer before needing replacement.

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